2018 – Walking with Demons

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3 Responses

  1. Can you recommend any books that go more deeply into the subject of demonology?

  2. Kade white says:

    King Paimon is rather noisy. I panicked the one time he visited because my wiccan roommate had a Jewish entity posing as a demon that attacked literally everyone but me. He would throw my stuff on thr floor but he openly claimed I was protected and I was never harmed.

    Anywho, king paimon decided to make his appearance known to me shortly after an upheaval regarding the mentioned roommate and I mistook him for the entity(I’m so sorry king paimon) later I realized the trumpets were him, the growls were probably his accompanying demons, and overall I was an idiot and ashamed to have responded in such a way. I hope he can forgive me.

    Message of the story: dont ask for him to show you himself until you are properly deprogrammed and ready to embrace his presence.

    Since this post is about sharing experiences I decided to share mine 🙂

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