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  1. Rodney says:

    Yes indeed we do and will.

  2. Kata says:

    You can find Demons of Magick and Angels of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield on Amazon. He speaks on this quite well.

  3. Jimbo says:

    Well the obvious difference between the forces of nature and that of man is that we are AWARE of our actions.
    I would agree wholeheartedly with your conclusions if not for the fact that we believe (i won’t go so far as to say know) that nature does not hurt you with evil intent- whereas people do (so we believe).

    So to expound on this- I’d say that our awareness of our intentions as well as others intentions will change how the forces of light and dark work.

    Why do we feel the need for revenge?
    Psychologists might say it is a simplistic way of showing the other person the negative consequences of their actions.
    Others might say that the negative energy (or pain) that you now feel is like an electric charge- and by hurting someone else you feel like you have released this charge- neutralized it (metaphysically).
    My issue with this is that to cause pain to someone else may make you feel a little better- but it doesn’t heal the pain you have.

    If someone laughs at the fact that you have no friends, so you punch them in the face- it still hasnt fixed the fact that you still have no friends.
    And i think the deep core of the issue is that human beings desire acceptance from an external source- to be loved and accepted by someone else not because i MADE them feel that way.
    And to get this feeling requires being vulnerable- something most people can’t stand- ESPECIALLY people with extra-ordinary powers.
    In conclusion- id say that if you had enough power to control what happens in your life enough so that you felt really good- having to take revenge on the asshole that cut you off in traffic- the stranger that insulted yo mamma- and finallly the evil person that intenrionally hurt you or those close to you, is unnecessary.
    The only reason someone intentionally hurts you is because they are feeling bad.
    Whether you deserved it or not is irrelevant.
    And that knife cuts both ways.
    So if youre feeling like a victim, maybe its a lesson for you to stand up for yourself- enough so that revenge is unnecessary, you can avert the bad situations you used to find yourself in.
    Smart people avoid nasty idiots. Victims go around looking for nasty idiots to punish

    • RenaV says:

      Totally agree. Obviously, the point of the article and the revenge thing has nothing to do if someone cut you off in traffic. Someone must be a complete idiot to put a curse or seek for revenge cause someone else took him his packing place or he had a silly debate. Hope you get the point! 😉

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