Category: Demonology/Demonolatry

Tutorials and discussion regarding about what is Demonology and Demonolatry, the art of invocation of Demons, of Angels and Spirits.


Life as a Demon

By Fyre Lilli People comment or message me and I notice often their view of demons needs a bit of correction. It seems to me many fail to recognize the full magnificence of these...


Behind the Demonic Possessions

Though demonic possessions has been explained by Demonolators and Demonologists, and by science as well, there’s still a widespread popular belief in possessions and exorcisms. Maybe it’s the power of films like The Exorcist and The Exorcism of Emily Rose, maybe it’s...


Weird Occult Books

Humans are obsessed with the idea of powerful objects and very curious about things we don’t understand. Some may say these occult books are bogus, and others swear they are the key to connecting...


Solstice Rite to Belial

Within Demonolatry, holidays are observed, just as in Wicca, during the seasonal equinoxes, as well as other significant days of the year. During these times, we honor the Demons who preside over each aspect...


The Soul

Someone on Facebook asked me what is a soul and whether it exists. That gave me boost to express what how I believe about it and share it with you. There is no physical confirmation...


Ethics and Morals In Magic

Rituals and spells for revenge, curses, hexes, to cause illness and even death. These are the most sinister and “diabolical” uses of magic. How do you feel about cursing someone? Would you ever force...