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Meditation tutorials and discussion, including Astral Projection, Lucid Dreaming, and Out of Body Experiences


Importance of Meditation

Meditation is fundamental, a foundation to the majority of practitioners, it is a valuable practice for beginners and adepts alike why is this? What makes it fundamental to the practice of Magick? Well, Meditation...


Trance State – Basic Tutorial

Entering a trance state is a very basic magickal technique that all magick-users should master. It is the first step toward spirits communication, astral projection, and many divination methods simply do not work if a...


Meditation: An Instructional Guide for Beginners

Meditation is a cornerstone of any magical practice. For many, the biggest obstacle to developing a good meditation regime and reaping the benefits of it can be getting started. Modern culture inundates us with stimuli...


Meditation for the full moon

    The full moon is a time of positive opportunity if you use it correctly.  It can increase your positive energy or conversely, it can wreak havoc on your emotions.  Since the full...



  Meditation is one of the most basic skills one need to learn in order to learn magic, any magic, not just Demonic magic. It can not only strengthen your mental discipline (better, longer...


Beginner Meditation Technique

If the first thing that comes to mind by listening to the word “meditation” is old men with shaved heads and orange robes or hippies wrapped in foggy aroma smoke clouds, you probably have...