Communication with Demons

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  1. William says:

    I really need money and powers

  2. Prospero says:

    I want to be a member

  3. Cthulhu 669 says:

    Since a specialty of King Paimon is to influence the thoughts, actions, beliefs, and behaviors of others ( which often helps you achieve your desires), I wish to open a line of communication with him, a friendship/companionship, an agreement with King Paimon that we are both happy with. Kind of like a business agreement/arrangement, but deeper. I especially need him to influence the thoughts and actions of a particular person so that I may obtain an increase in my pain meds ( I am woefully under prescribed for 21 year and counting, nasty chronic pain. I merely need hm to influence m pain Dr to keep prescribing the medication he has been, but up the dosage to a level I’m happy with). But, how do I get his attention and get him to come to me so that we may open the lines of communication and come to an agreement? I do not own or have access to ritual materials (long story) like robes, oils, special candles, etc…… Any help and tips would be greatly appreciated. I feel drawn to King Paimon the most after having researched the 9 demonic kings. Hope you can help me with ways to contact him and come to an agreement/relationship with him. Thank you ~ Cthulhu 669

  4. Thanks for your wonderful email it so amazing well understood. If you could remember i email you sometime ago about my plan to meet with King Paimon one thing you have to know some of us haven’t get to that stage where you are right now yes i do rituals but i need your help to help me talk to him i want to have him in my life for protection and power command at my will please you can do that on my behalf i need him to grant me all my desire for good protect my family.

  5. Amy says:

    This article was so great! It’s a very positive, uplifting read and reaffirmed many of my intuitive impressions. King Paimon is one I have been trying to work with for about a year, I’ve had great success in my professional life as a musician and artist. I went the invocation route and crafted rituals and offerings from mental images I would get. One such offering was some gold that I planned myself! I was going to sleep and had a dream about gold panning and then amazon suggested gold pans for me. Coincidently, a coworker mentioned the same day that a river near us contained gold dust. When my gold pan arrived, I headed down to the river, started sitting through sediment and found several small gold flecks! Go with the flow and listen to your instincts, they will get your attention and try to communicate in crazy and wonderful ways. Thank you for all your awesome posts, I’ve learned so much.
    * may you be blessed*

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