Connecting with the Daemonic through Self-Hypnosis

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5 Responses

  1. Patrick FA says:

    Thank you for this interview

  2. Jewel Hamilton says:

    I have had a dream bout king pain in calling me. He came to me and Saud something and give me a date. I want to know how to answer him . Please advise

  3. Ernest says:

    Wow, let express my feelings while i was reading this, it seems to me like i have found my heart i mean like minds. Good to have you people and let me also say you’ve actually added something i was loosing due to my polygarmose family and with fear in the heart of the newly married lady into our house she became a witch but you know how these christian people deal, they use materials they just know how it works but do not have a proper understanding of it’s origins. You’ve been able to help me understand myself and the use of my tools to make even that which other witches will do to work in my favor. Once again great Regards and BLESSED BE.

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