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  1. Jade Callos says:

    Was an interesting story..about magic.I think it comes from within not without..ive tried to meditate which I cannot and don’t succeed at much else..thank you

  2. The Chosen One says:

    I was into deep meditation long before I was into necromancing. I am sure that deep meditation led me to the astral plane that allowed spiritual communication through a dream. I will never forget when I had a dream, and two women spirits coerced me toward another female spirit in my living room that they called Lilith. I was very frightened at the time and woke up just before the third feminine energy was pulling me into her darkness. The scary part was the fact that I awoke in my living room, not in my bed, and I was terrified of what I just experienced. It felt so realistic that I was kind of in shock to the point that I had tingles all over my body.

    After that experience, I started trying to contact the other side. I began using candles during meditation, and then I started mirror gazing in a hypnotic state. Many people online suggested using a black mirror for scrying. I however after experimenting found that I preferred a regular mirror set at an angle, with a candle burning in front of it. After going into a deep meditative state the mirror turns black, and images begin to swirl around. I found I could call out the spirit/Demoness Lilith, and she would show herself to me in different forms within the mirror. Some frightening (Though I am no longer afraid of her) and some beautiful. I now can make communication just through meditation, but I still enjoy using a mirror sometimes for a closer connection.

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