How to find your Guardian Demon

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  1. Francis isaac says:

    I do that

  2. André says:

    I just wrote down all the 72 names of the demons from the Ars Goetia and will now try finding my Guardian Demon(s). I don’t habe a pendulum, but I’m using a very light chain (with a iron wolf teeth at the end) which I’m wearing since a few years and purified it the way you suggested. I’m quite interested in the results and I’ll notify you about the results when I’m done.

    To tell the truth, as someone who grew up knowing that his bloodline is filled with “White Witches” (heck, even my Aunt is extremely known as a Shaman – Rita Gumpricht), a part of me is pretty interested in this, as Demons and anything related to them is being depicted as “Black”, though I don’t really share their classic way of thinking

    • André says:

      First, I got a reaction from Aim, Vassago, Bael and Kimaris and at the second try, those four didn’t react anymore. I’ll redo it a few times over the next few days to make sure.

      I found it pretty interesting that the chain stopped moving every time it was above the pieces of paper where the names were written on.

      • André says:

        I’m very sorry for triple-posting, but I had quite the strange thing happening to me right now. I laid out the pieces of paper in a circle (through a compass I marked the north, east, south and west each with a candle), after each name, I pushed the pieces a bit back and the ones my leather chain reacted to, were also pushed a bit back by me, though I did turn them by 90° to mark them that way and returned them to their original position after I was done. Somehow I couldn’t calm down the whole night and constantly felt like someone was near me (what began to scare me at some point and I, myself, began to feel kinda…weird? after some time and it got stronger by the minute)
        Well anyway, as I wanted to check them out again a few minutes ago, I suddenly saw a piece being in exactly the position in which the other four were previously in, swinging constantly back and forth, practically vibrating in quite the strong way. After I picked up the piece and saw the name Gusion written on it, I laid it on its position again and since then it stopped moving. That wasn’t the wind, otherwise the pieces closely beside it would’ve also at least in a way have moved and they absolutely didn’t. So I think I found my Guardian Demon… or more like, he did let me find him.

        Also I have a question: As you’re on Facebook, would it be alright to ask you some questions every now and then? I truly want to learn more about Demonolatry, but as I’m an absolute Novice concerning this, I’d be truly thankful for some advise.

        Hope you have a nice day and thank you for sharing your experiences through your blog 🙂 (and sorry for the long text, I’m just kinda excited atm)

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