Mephistopheles Continued

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8 Responses

  1. Dgette says:

    Can he be of help when it comes in financial needs?

  2. Dgette says:

    But have you tried that already?

  3. Rum Tum Tugger says:

    That looks like Ming the Merciless from Flash Gordon.

  4. Naomi says:

    Ok so yesterday I did a pendulum reading and at first it said Hekate was trying to get ahold of me. But then later when I woke up I heard my name being called and knew that there was no way in hell it was Hekate. So I went bak to my pendulum and said that I know this is not Hekate, can I have ur name. To which it replied yes and spelled out Mephistopheles. I then asked how many years was he trying to contact me n at first I thought it said 4 then I asked if it said four n it said no so then I asked if it meant 3 n then it said yes. I had asked it that if it was scared that I wouldn’t work with it if I knew it wasn’t Hecate. N it said yes. Of course I’m open to new things but after I said that I asked if we can put down some guidelines while I work with it. It said yes. So I stated that me or my family would not b hurt while I worked with it n it agreed so hopefully it is him n not another entity trying to pose as him. Again I never asked if it was Mephistopheles it just spelled it out. So wish me luck. If u can email me on what u think is going on. It would b appreciated.

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