Pomba Gira and Love Spells

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  1. UZIAS says:

    As a brasilian I find it funny finding it here
    When a women go crazy in the strets we say that she is afected by “the Pomba Gira”.

  2. Kala says:

    I’m an astrologer and a Brasilian who was raised under the religion of Candomble. Pomba Gira is definitely not a Leo energy. Scorpio 100% maybe even Aries

  3. Paris says:

    She is 6 different signs including Gemini twins to make 7 of her Pomba Girls if the 7 Crossroads. The other 6 are Exus.

  4. Lovely says:

    Thank you pomba gira for your help.

  5. luciana branca silveira lopes says:

    Good night.

    About the pombagira, I am made in the candomble Jeje – Mahi, I was initiated in the catimbó jurema, the original Brazilian witchcraft, which although I have been misrepresented by Catholicism, but still there is the catimbó jurema de root, with bases in the Brazilian mythology. ancestral gods too, but the Brazilian has the defect of valuing only the European and the American unfortunately. There are many books out there that claim Padilha to be a goddess, but this is a mistake. Padilha and other pombagiras are souls that had enarnations on Earth, including the best known was like Maria Padilha, Queen of Castile, there are documents that prove their existence. Even as these entities are known, Exu Catiço as we know they are souls who serve in legions of several ancient gods, at least it is the foundation that is known, but I can not speak more than that, because it is a secret of jurema.
    Other famous pombagiras:
    Maria Molambo, Das almas, Gypsy, Girl, Maria Navalha, Maria Quiteria, Baroness, Red rose, Rose Skull, Figueira do Inferno.

  6. luciana branca silveira lopes says:

    If you need and if you have interest I have a lot of material on this topic that I can be sending to you.
    Big hug.

  7. Melissa says:

    Thank you Pomba Gira Maria Padilha for answering my request immediately. I’ve invoked you twice and both times you answered exactly what I’ve asked you for. Amazing! Thank you for making me happier than ever. K will continue to invoke you and spread your name. Thank you!!!!!!

  8. Caya says:

    Thank you pomba gira Maria padilha I request your help and I’m confident you will help me get his love and affection and for that I will continue to invoke and spread your name, thank you thank you thank you!!
    Pomba Gira queen of the seven crossroads, I ask you approach…….. And start making him think about me do not give ………rest of thought until he comes to me. By the presence of fire ,by the inspiration of air ,by the virtues of water I call upon the thirteen blessed souls by the forces of bleeding hearts and the tears shed for Love bring……. To me. Wherever or with whomever he is make him turn around and think of me I ask queen of the seven crossroads that you increase ……….love and passion for me…… and that ……. Will feel a desire for me that is above desire like he has never felt before for another woman and never will again. This it is and it will be! Thank you Pomba Gira Maria padilha thank you, thank you, thank you.

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