Truth Be Told…….

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  1. Marak Grey says:

    Wow! That was an incredible thing your group did to help T and her sister. It shows how respected and accepted you are in the spiritual realm, not for yourself but because of the help you give to others. I would never be brave enough to travel to Hades and back. That part of your experience sounded scary – but kind of cool too. I love your adventures. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. Maria del Pilar says:

    Wow! This was a great article, very glad you decided to write it and share it.

  3. Roland M Tucker says:

    Thank You for your sharing and insight!

  4. Paul says:

    Fascinating story. However, I am a bit perplexed by what exactly a “Legion” is. The various ancient texts state the number of Legions for each god, but not what exactly a Legion is.

    Different texts have different Legion numbers for King Paimon, ranging from 25 to 200. Assuming the Roman standard of 5,000 entities, this would give Paimon up to 1,000,000 entities (Assuming 200). However, the Roman Legion standard fluctuated quite widely and it might not be 5,000 per.

    Or I am misunderstanding what a Legion is? Is it a social or military organization?

  5. Chris Storter says:

    Excellent article. What you did for T is amazing. I am striving to be able to communicate with Demons as you have. I can feel them but still have much more learning to do. Ave Satanas!

  6. Dav says:

    Interesting . Love u guys/group…

  7. max spes says:

    Some times after I decided to step on the demonic path I wandered if it could be possible for a human to become a demon. Now I am so happy that it is. But my question is, does it depend solely on my freewill or on the Demon (like king paimon) to invite me or not to become one?

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