Vinegar Jar/ Break Up Spell [Hoodoo]

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  1. Sanya says:


    How many days are you shaking this jar? when and where do you dispose of the jar? Do you do a cleansing bath after you do the spell and again after you dispose of the jar?

    • RenaV says:

      You are shaking it as long as it needs till you accomplish the goal of the jar. When you don’t need it anymore you can dispose of it by burying it, so basically, you give it to the Elements. I usually do a cleansing bath after i made it, to clean all the negative energies that raised when i made it!

  2. Melissa says:

    How long does it takes to work

    • RenaV says:

      Depends in every case. I have seen results in 2 weeks in some cases, and in 2 months in some others. I think all depends on the intention that you will put in the jar when you make it.

  3. Jenna says:

    Can the jar be buried anywhere? Or does it have to be in a certain area?

  4. Shantain says:

    Where do you get dog poop I really can’t see myself picking up dog poop I’d rather use my own poop than to touch a dogs

    • RenaV says:

      First of all you cant use your own, or something from you on this spell. It will turn against you. Second, it’s not so difficult. Use a paper and collect them. If you go to a park where the dog owners go their dogs for a walk I’m sure u will find. Besides that, you must put some effort if you wanna have success! 😉

  5. kester says:

    After writing the names of targets behind the pictures,does it matter if the names are facing each other?
    i ask because since the faces are away from each other,this means the names and DOB will be in contact?

    • RenaV says:

      No, they must not face each other. The names and the faces must be away from each other.

      • yogesh says:

        how do you place the picture in the jar cause when you shake the jar they might end up facing each other. do you tie it with something so they won’t face each other?

  6. NMD says:

    Hi, when placing two pictures in jar, I understand they are not to be facing one another. But, for the names on back of photos, they will touch once I place them in jar. Should I place the petition in between the photos so they aren’t touching? Furthermore, can I fold the pictures times three to put inside of small jar? Thank you.

    • RenaV says:

      Yes, u can fold them. There is no problem if the names touch each other, the photos must be not facing one another.

  7. luciano says:

    Hi thank you for the spell.Can you please let me know what’s Habano is. thank you

  8. Bessy says:

    Hello dear, can we use our nails ? Were to find others nail???

  9. L says:

    This is basically a bottle spell. I’ve seen it done with a lemon. Can you put the photos in a lemon, and then add everything else, including the vinegar and put it in jar?

    • RenaV says:

      I haven’t heard about this again, but u can always add lemon juice inside. If you are talking about the lemon spell for breaking up a couple, that’s another spell!

      • L says:

        Yes, I was thinking of combining the lemon with the vinegar spell. And also adding coffin nails. This is spell for discord. Not a complete breakup.

        • RenaV says:

          By adding coffin nails you brought the energy of death. if you want to do a death spell, that’s another thing. In vinegar jars, we don’t use those kinds of ingredients. if it was proper i will suggest adding graveyard dirt on it……

          • L says:

            I have not yet started the spell and will be sure to avoid the coffin nails. I definitely don’t want death–only to sour the relationship and make it less harmonious.

            Thank you for your advice!

            If however I was doing a spell against someone’s career, would coffin nails be appropriate for the “death of their career?” Now I have all these coffin nails sitting in my drawer.

          • L says:

            Also, how do I dispose of the jar once I’m done. I usually recycle my candle jars, but this is different. Should I bury in a cemetery? It’s quiet a large jar.

          • RenaV says:

            Nail coffins we usual use in more negative works. If you need further information you can email us to talk about it. You can bury it, so give it to the Elements, or you can open it and dispose it in running water.

  10. Tracy T says:

    I made the jar 2 months ago and I use my own poo. Is that bad? Will bad luck follow me? What should I do now? Should I destroy the jar and make a new one?

    • RenaV says:

      Of course its bad…send me an email to discuss it further…

      • macy says:

        so how come when you use your own pee in a hex/jinx/any dark work for control it doesn’t come back to you? i’m confused how it matters because you use your own poop. i didn’t. but i’m just saying

        • RenaV says:

          those who use their own DNA on negative workings are idiots. makes sense to use your OWN DNA on a curse for example?

  11. Tia says:

    What would happen if you bury the jar in the couple’s yard or can you break it in front of their house?

    • RenaV says:

      If you can do this, it’s more powerful! 😉

      • L says:

        I could have poured it into the couple’s yard, but instead I buried it in a graveyard. Should I try to get it and pour it out in their yard? I think maybe at this point, the spell is done. I have walked away from it. Maybe if I ever do another version of this spell, I can leave it on their property.

        • RenaV says:

          My guess is that the spell is done. Wait to see if you will have results and then you can try another version! Candle magick for example! you can also do a divination to see if your spell was successful or not.

  12. Tia says:

    What if you bury the jar in the couple’s yard or break it in front of there house?

  13. Josie says:

    I don’t have black candles can I use the white candle instead? I don’t live where the river so can I put the jar in the garage trash?

  14. Josie says:

    I been doing the jar for 2 days already but I didn’t have any candle because I can’t find the black one. Can I just continue shake and pray over without the black candles? If I can find the black one how many day that I need to light the black candles right now since like 2 days already.

    • RenaV says:

      You can continue to shake it and when you shake it visualize what you want to happen. If you find a black candle, burn it for 7 days.

  15. Dali says:

    This hasn’t worked for me. But it has in the past… do you have something stronger to separate two people?

  16. Marie says:

    I been dating this guy on and off for 14 months and suddenly found out he has a new gf. I don’t know where and when all this happened. I want to do this break up jar on them but I also want us back together. Can I do both works at the same time or do I have to do one work at a time? If so how long should I wait to start the second work?

    • RenaV says:

      One at time. First, you break their relationship and then you do a working to bring him back to you. You cant do two workings same time. You must wait till you see that he broke up to start the other working. Keep in your mind that jars working very slowly but are very effective. If you need further information you can contact us via our email.

  17. Myshatteredheart says:

    Im on my 8th day of doing this jar with black candles but since this time my husbad moved out of state with his new girl, can it still work? Or is it too late cause hes far away?

  18. Erlyn says:

    Can you do the break up spell for me?

  19. Kay says:

    Can we supplement the dog poo for cat feces?

  20. Elena says:

    This hasn’t worked for me yet. I broke the jar about two weeks ago in the park close to where the two people live, but they are still happily together. I followed the instructions verbatim. Is there a way to make the spell more potent?

    • RenaV says:

      Maybe they need something stronger than that. What works for me doesnt mean that it will work for you…..

  21. LENA says:


  22. F. Samara says:

    if i use my dogo poo it will not gona haram me and my dogs na ??

  23. F. Samara says:

    I cast this spell but due to lack of knowledge i use a plastic jar which leaks when i shake it .. what should I do now should i continue of transfer it into another jar … or i put this jar as a its into another jar so if it leaks remain within or should I have to start it again pls assist …

  24. Vhall says:

    What If you don’t know the girlfriends name?

  25. Jailyn says:

    I did the spell with black pepper, red pepper, 9 nails, dog poop and vinegar. The vinegar dried on the third day. Am I suppose to add more vinegar or leave it alone? It’s been 8 days and I haven’t seen any results

    • RenaV says:

      How did the vinegar dry on the third day inside the jar? You suppose you fill the jar and you close it. You dont open it so to dry. You expect to see results so quickly? Magick doesnt work like that. And im not sure if you didnt correct…

  26. Jailyn says:

    Hello I would also like to ask, I did it in a glass jar and on the side of the jar there’s black sticky stuff. Is that normal ?

  27. Chacha says:

    I don’t have the nails of any one of the targets can I use something else to substitute

  28. princess says:

    hey i was wondering if you can do this for me, because I don’t know how to do it, and I really want this guy but he has a long-distant girlfriend in the way

  29. Bey says:

    What if while adding the ingredients you forget to add an ingredient an reopen the jar will it still work

  30. Netts says:

    Need to know how you work

  31. Elubinia perez says:

    I don’t have poppy seed can I still do thus spell

  32. Eve says:

    Hi, I see there are protection work and cleansing, you only shared the Cleaning part, can you please share protection spell before starting the ritual to prevent reverse curses.

    • RenaV says:

      A protection spell is not to prevent the backfire of a spell. We use protections against unwanted entities, other spells or curses. Having protections this doesnt mean that it will protect you from backfiring.

  33. Bella says:

    Hi there Rena,

    I made the vinegar jar yesterday on a full moon, however I realized i didn’t put enough vinegar and it’s not as watery as I thought because of all the spices i put in. So the solids ratio of the jar is more than the liquid. Could i reopen the jar tonight and add more vineger? or would that break the spell? Thanks!

  34. M Davis says:

    I did spell and after 2nd week, the glass jar busted. I threw jar and contents down a sewer outside of my home. The couple did break up, in fact got a divorce. But, now I feel bad personal luck my way dealing with my career and life in general. Is it because jar busted in my home? By the way, the man and I are back together.

  35. Kitty says:

    Can I do it during new moon??? Please respond 🙏🏼

  36. Sonya says:

    The day the jar is made, is that day 1 of the 7 to 9 days of burning a black candle?

  37. Teddy says:

    Does it really have to be dog dooo
    Can something else be used.

    I don’t have dogs. and here people by law have to clean up after their dogs.
    Isn’t there anything else that is nasty to use.

  38. Honee says:

    I used coffin nails in this spell. I only wanted to break up a couple, not cause death. I’ve thrown the jar in a river. Should I do something to reverse it or just leave it alone now that the jar is disposed of?

    • RenaV says:

      I cant know if the spell backfires on you or not. On the article im not mention coffin nails. And i dont think that you have the knowledge to reverse something like that. Wait to see if you start having issues on your life and then you will see what you can do.

  39. blake says:

    can you do this on one person not to cause a break up, just to sour their life a little bit? my ex bf was really abusive and hasn’t gotten any karma back in almost 4 months

  40. Frank says:

    thanks for this one!

  41. Boo says:

    Hi Renav, a) can I use a 10ml bottle for a simple spell like souring someone? b) if I did any kind of jar, whether small or big, can I keep it with me so that I continue to shake it till the job is done, or do I need to discard it after 9 or so days? Please reply. Ty.

    • RenaV says:

      you can use any type of jar is suitable for you. No. you can’t carry it with you all the time. You can shake it one time per day. it will not work faster if you shake it all the time. You dont discard it after 9 days. You keep it. Jars work very slow.

  42. Anna says:

    I really thought that this had worked.
    I was full of hope.
    Then only last Night it was apparent that it hasn’t worked. Or maybe it worked for a couple of weeks or so, or they were good at hiding their moves..
    I’ve still got the jar.
    What do I do with it now.

    • RenaV says:

      Not all spells are suitable for every case out there. Maybe it needs something stronger, maybe something else. Open the jar, dispose of what it has on the toilet and dispose the jar on the garbages.

  43. marcel Jones says:

    Hi I had paid someone to do this for me, I’m just waiting on the results now what are the signs that I should look out for that show the spells is working and how long do it usually take for the spell to manifest

  44. Sacha says:

    Hi, I have only one black candle. Can I let it burn for 15 minutes each day for 7 days? Can I use cat poop?Thank you.

  45. Julie says:

    Hi l want to know do you do spells and do you do it if someone pays you to , l want one done to remove an person living under my apartment and out the door please let me know

    • RenaV says:

      you can send me an email to to discuss it further!

      • ShaSha says:

        I did a few things, I wrote both peoples name 9x on two pieces of paper and a petition on the back of both. I tied them away from each other (non – facing) with black thread. I added, 9 needles, 9 Pins, 9, Rusty Nails, Crossing Powder, Graveyard dirt, Hotfoot Powder, Cayenne, Chilli Powder, Red Pepper Flakes, Black Pepper, Black Cat and Dog Hair, Lemon Juice, Lime Juice and Vinegar. Then I cut a lemon in half put their pictures in the flesh of the lemon on both sides and stuck black pins and added more pepper and dog and cat hair i between the two. Put the lemon halves together, put rusty nails through the lemon and sewed up with black thread. Put all that in the jar then lit a black candle spoke my intentions for 30 min maybe an hour, burn frankincense as I burned the candle and chanted. The black candle burned out this morning. I shook the jar and put behind the base of my toilet where once daily I will shake it up and put it back. But I only burn my black candle on Tuesdays and Saturday and I started the process on Tuesday. I’m going to keep for 9 days then bury in a graveyard. I also maybe a week ago burned a 4th Pentacle of Saturn Candle and did an offering of lead and water with the same intent. Typically how long will you see results and is it ok to just burn your candles on Tuesdays and Saturday before burying? Also this couple lives out of town does that matter??

        • RenaV says:

          Distance doesnt matter! Yes its ok to burn the candles those days. Jars usually work very slow till they give you results!

          • Sha says:

            Thank you! I dropped the jar in a well at a cemetery last week and poured vinegar in the well. The jar may have broken when it hit the bottom of the well, but it isn’t a well of prosperity and I made a sacrifice before putting it in there. The cemetery had been around since the 1800. Is this okay!

          • RenaV says:

            sacrifice? what kind and why you did that?

          • Sha says:

            Not a sacrifice but an offering!

          • RenaV says:

            it didnt required an offering…..

  46. Tommy says:

    Can you do this spell for me please

  47. Goddess says:

    I heard that not only do you want them to break up but you want the intent of him coming back to you to write that on the petition. If I put my name or say come back to me on the petition in the jar will it effect me?

    • RenaV says:

      the jar is a break up spell. If they break up this doesnt mean that he will come back to you. This requires another type of working

  48. Her says:

    I don’t know her name but I have her picture knows the month she was born I know what kind of car she drives. Can I use that information to do this spell? One more question I want to wish bad luck on him. What spell can I use that works effective immediately? Thanks

    • RenaV says:

      No, you cant use this spell, you dont have enough info so to cast it. There are plenty of spells for bad luck…which are a little bit tricky cause they can backfire very easily to you

  49. Delia says:

    I did a jar spell previously, but I didn’t know the other woman’s real name (only had her Instagram nickname). So now that I know her real name, should I do another jar? Do I dispose the old jar? It’s been three weeks. Husband still hasn’t broken up with her. Also, how bad is it to just dispose of jars in the trash outside of my home?

    • RenaV says:

      its better to bury it somewhere away from your house. But it seems that the jar is not suitable for your case….not all spells are suitable for every situation…maybe your case needs something stronger…

  50. Haley says:

    I used MY dogs poop is that bad?

  51. Dee says:

    Can sea salt be added to denote the folks inside the jar turn “salty” against each other?

    • RenaV says:

      No. We use salt for cleanishing and banishing. What salt has to do on a break-up spell?

      • Dee says:

        I’m new to this and thank you for the clarification. In the mundane world “throwing salt” on someone helps to break them up but I understand this is magic so it’s different.

  52. gmf says:

    can I just bury the break up jar in my yard or can I just throw it in a river?

  53. NNDDL says:

    I don’t quite get the picture part.
    I have picture of the couple
    plan to: split the pic in half in the middle to separate them. In the back of the pic, write the correspondent name for each part? Or do I write both names on each part of the pic?
    for the petition part, do I just write the sentence out? Or cross on top of 1 name? Cross on top of both names?
    Then I fold each part of the pic separately, tie them with black string so no unravel while shaking
    I know I don’t have to use pic….just want to add extra effect to it. Yes I’m very sour with this situation!!!!

    • RenaV says:

      in the back on the pic you write the name of the person who is in the pic. No. only one name. im not understand what you mean by cross….

      • NNDDL says:

        when i say cross, i meant in some blogs/vids about this vinegar jar, some ppl write “one name 3 times, turn paper counter-clockwise, write the other name on top 3 times, turn paper counter-clockwise again, then write like ‘break up’ on top of the 2 names”
        I know this is a petition for Love jar….but some vinegar jar blogs mentioned it too
        Also, your service is currently close? When do you think of accepting order again? I need help with breaking up

  54. Anna says:

    Last year my partner boss was making our life a living hell, I just did a simple vinegar freeze jar, His photo and other 2 people photos, with their names I didn’t really fold it, then I sealed the lid with wax, I draw a pentagram in a piece of paper and counterclockwise I wrapped around the paper with the pentagram on top of the lid black ribbon, made 3 knots, light up a white candle on top until melted all away an I placed in the freezer, it was October, my partner boss gave hard time to my partner we had a bad Christmas, and it continued so until March, when the first of April we found out unexpectedly was gone from the company. Coincidence, I don’t think so, when I made the spell I said I don’t mean you any arm, I don’t hate you, but I want you to feel the way I am feeling because I believe in universal justice!
    He seemed so strong in. His position but he went, even his financial director was fired. The jar is still in my freezer because a share holder of the company was frozen with him, and we don’t really hear about her so far. Should I still leave in the freezer?

  55. Milenia Lopez says:

    I have someone trying to breakup my relationship and recently found my husbands name in a glass jar with what I believe is vinegar… seems like the name on the brown paper is alosmt faded… what do I do with it to remove this hex… open it ? Discard of it? Pee on it I’ve heard? Please advise thank you in advance.

  56. Sarah says:

    I did this spell but just with the red peppers, cayenne pepper, black pepper, vinegar, and dog poop. Of course I had the pictures, petition, and personal info…My intentions and each ingredient still has its purpose, I did not use the glass, nails, poppyseed, needles, or habanero … will it still work? I’m assuming so because I’ve seen other versions of this that just only use vinegar and red pepper. Once the spell is done, what do I do with the jar. How do I dispose of it properly, I don’t want it to be ruined… Should I burry it near their house, in the same proximity, I don’t know the exact address, or I have were he works at too and I’m always there… I also live right by train tracks… What should I do with the jar to get the best results? Thank YOU!

  57. Mamiwata says:

    I’m usually looking on you tube today I searched google and I must say this looks to be a great taught spell ! So I don’t throw the jar out after 9 days ? Just shake every day or the two days a week ? I’m afraid it will explode

  58. Prudence says:

    Hello, I have a question, my vinegar jar, the brown paper absorbed the vinegar. I’ve never seen anything like this. What do you suppose it could mean?

  59. Curious says:

    Do I need to take a cleansing bath after?

  60. Christina says:

    I did two sour jars on Friday the 13th. I made one for his mom and the woman I want gone. as well another one for him and that same woman. I used war oil to cause them to fight, Shut your mouth oil because she treated to get him fired and call the police yeah she crazy, and I put the same oil on her position paper only. War oil to cause then to fight. Different path oil to leave each other. Break up oil & hate oil. And I used used my black cat hair only on his jar. On both glass jar used the petition paper tore it in half away from each other and birthdays, of course I used white vinegar, Hot chili flakes, Cayenne pepper, peppercorn, Pepper, Lemon. I have a candle for each jar but I could not use it. It’s been 12 days i don’t see it working I shake it hard everyday and I envision them breaking up using hateful words. Kicking the woman out his house because she stay over sometimes. He lives with his mother btw. I just want that woman gone. Since I’m not using the candle is it possible that it just slowing down the spell. It’s been 12 days. Or should I be patience. Also how could Dispose the jars when I’m done. Thank you

    • sarah says:

      the candle is really important, the flame brings its own energy and holds a lot of power, and you’re supposed to focus and put your intentions in the flame. Also keep an eye on your black cat if it was your own, i used a dog’s poop i sit for and he got cancer in his rectum on the third month after making the jar and died…

  61. sarah says:

    So i just disposed of the jar, I worked with it for 3 full moon cycles and this last full moon, (i used poop from a dog i sit for) and his owner texted me saying he got rectal cancer and only has 2 weeks to live, I dont know if that was because of the jar, but if it was would that mean the spell is going to work well? I wasn’t able to bury it near his house or at a graveyard, but i put it on traintracks going the same direction (North) that he lives.

  62. Morgan says:

    Do I have to burn the candle płaci g it on the jar or just burn it anywhere?

  63. memho says:

    In regards to the petition and photos, can I do this? – Write the name and birthday at the back of each photo, write a petition paper with 2 persons’ name opposite (upside down) of each other, then it anti-clockwise once, on top of the names, I write ‘break up’ 5 times over the names. Then I put this petition paper in between the photos where the back of the photos (written name and birthday) touching the petition paper. Then I roll them up and tie it with a black string. Is this a good way or correct way to perform this break up jar? Thanks for your help.

  64. Anna says:

    My black candle turned out to be white on the inside, but its all black on the outside. Do I need do a new jar?
    Thank you

    • RenaV says:

      No, no need to…

      • Anna says:

        Thank you so much! I did the jar last saturday, shaking it everyday with out loud cursing towards the couple and burned a candle on tuesday andthis saturday. Disposed of the cadlw remains on a crossroads

  65. Chelsea Haxan says:

    THEY BROKE UP THAT WEEK. Witch whoever created this spell ifly.

  66. Lira says:

    Hi, can I use sea salt to bathe with after performing the spell and after shaking?

  67. Hang9 says:

    Dear RenaV. I sent you an email…I think I need something more powerful than the vinegar jar. I honestly hope you can help me, my situation is desperate.

  68. B says:

    Can I use 9 rusted nails? And how do you keep the photos from facing each other? I don’t understand how tying them with a black sting will keep them from facing each other and or touching each other. Can I tape the photos in the jar facing away from each other so they don’t move around when I shake them?

  69. Chantal says:

    How can I undo this spell?

  70. Void says:

    Can someone explain to me more on how to write the names and tear and fold them

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