When the King Speaks (Part 2)

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  1. Karen says:

    Excellent blessed br

  2. sara says:

    wow amazing! so interesting about king solomon, thank you so much rena!

  3. Zora says:

    After reading this, I wonder who I may have been talking to all this time?

    I should know this as an experienced person in magick, but I wonder if another spirit may be posing as him, or if it is just my very own mind playing an illusion trick on me?

    I know using a pendulum or other divination tools can answer this question, but even then a spirit can easily manipulate the answers.

    So how would one know that the king is truly there and speaking with you, and not another spirit?

    • RenaV says:

      Cast a circle. Sage inside the circle and call Him using his sigil and His Enn. Keep in your mind that from the moment that you will sage you wont be able to go out from the circle, so make sure that you have all you need. Slowly you will start to recognize Him from His energy.

      • Lol says:

        But how? He really manipulates knowledge as far as i know and there’ s this thing about the magician he did not accept his sacrifice and then killed him. He said he broke the circle, so he can do whenever he wants to do. If he knows everything included people’s personality why did he make a pact with that magician? He should’ve seen what kind of sacrifice the magician was gonna make.

    • Tanko says:

      Wow that is so amazing about king

  4. Elizebeth says:

    The words , the energy just stunning.. Thank you so much

  5. Bilal says:

    Incredible ….thank you so much <3

  6. miles says:

    So we evolved from some monkeys? Naaaaaaaaah reaaallyy now? So we are the 2nd version of humans? Like, there were first the humans created by God from Its own image and all that, but what happened to them? They gone somewhere else and let monkeys happily evolve in peace and hello look at us humans?

  7. mayara says:

    very good, will you have part 3?

  8. Vale says:

    Happen to have any other interviews with him that you’d recommend? Or just interviews with spirits in general? I’ve quite enjoyed yours and would like to see more of people’s interactions with these spirits.

  9. Elijah says:

    I understands everything about demons feeling many magickians and writer lied about. I wish to have a beautiful conversation with king paimon and also be call his child as he called you cause i felt really really interested and happy. Hails lord paimon

  10. lula says:

    honor thy name king paimon, your majesty. you knew the pandemic status around a month before the who have announced it on march 11th. alas, disbelievers in the false gods are deaf and blind.

  11. Ksenia says:

    Quite recently in my life, I began to communicate with King Paymon. Thanks to him, I recognized my past life, where I was, as he said, the guardian or keeper of the gates, living in the fiery world. But I didn’t quite understand what he meant by the world of fire and the guardian of the gates? What do you think this might mean?

    • Lucie says:

      What a funny coincidence King Paimon spoke to you about opening gates at about the same time He told me about being full of doors.

      • Ksenia says:

        The fact is that the gates or doors are directly related to my past life and who I was then. Therefore, I would very much like to know what kind of specific doors / gates are and, in general, who are the keepers of the gates. I know the name from my past life (Attakeria), but it seems to me that it was not connected with the human world, based on the name.

    • Moonlight Cipher says:

      I’ve always been curious as to what happens after your physical death. Have you been able to ask this to King Paimon, or other beings? We’d love to read that!

  12. Nana doro says:

    That’s great ,,but I try summoning Astaroth ,,,but anytime I tried ,,,,I see the candles glowing brighter and bigger ,,I feel her present but she don’t appear in human for.

  13. Lab9 says:

    Amazing article, I stumbled upon this website by accident (or was I guided here?) it has reignited my interest in the occult.
    Thank you for this interview RenaV it has been most insightful

  14. Skullmayhem says:

    King Paimon is Satan’s commander in the Middle East he is paving the way for The Whore of Babylon.

  15. Abbadon angel says:

    contact between us is important,i ask politely to email me directly only thank 369

  16. Victor says:

    Thank you

  17. Tanko says:

    Thank you so much and how are am I going to talk to Hail king paimon

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