When the King Speaks: Q & A

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  1. Mandy says:

    That’s exactly what I would expect that wonderful King to say

  2. Ernest says:

    Wow, am glad to read this atleast we are getting close to the DIVINE himself not some arranged words from a pulpit embeded with all kinds of funny stuffs. Lessons learned here are ,having a heart for perfection and to archive that they must be some level of dignity,accountability and respect for everything most importantly the things of the SPIRITUAL which belongs to the wise one himself LUCIFER .

  3. Jessica Valentine says:

    Great interview. Thank you for speaking with us. You have offered some insight on some subjects I was curious about.

  4. MG says:

    Thanks for sharing! I find it fascinating

  5. ΣΤΑΥΡΟΣ says:

    ΕΞΑΙΡΕΤΙΚΟ !!!!!!!

  6. SIENNA MARIE says:

    I am at an odd state of calm, relief, dignity, and unafraid. I’m feeling that I am especially ready to evolve. I want thank you, and most of all King Paimon for enlightenment. I truly needed to hear it from the mighty King Paimon himself. I think I know now what I must do. All Hail Samael, and Hail King Paimon!

  7. Maya says:

    will there be part 2?

  8. Zora says:

    I agree with what king paimon says.
    I have just started to work with him, but at the same time I’m not sure if I did anything correctly or if I spoke to the king himself. I hope to see more from him though!

  9. luciana branca silveira lopes says:

    Good night, RenaV and more.
    Some questions pertaining to the above topic:
    According to the aforementioned text, I find a response that presents itself as much as dubia, or lack of terms that best fit the question per hour presented:
    “I won that title, I won all I got.”
    Any researcher in mythology, theology, archeology and anthropology as I know that being Lucifer, a pagan god from the Sumerian pantheon, and having gained this Latin name for being inserted into the Roman pantheon as the god Dianus Luciferus,
    being one of its greatest but the only premise that is summarized in: “Nothing is given but everything is conquered”, and any occultist or magician of the LHP knows this also, as King Paimon could affirm that simply it gained this title of King, post that the symbolism of the royal crown is in the acquisition and conquest of the seventh chakra, which simply can not be won, but must be opened by the postulant, and that sincerely of the hard work, in order to get there we have to open up the entire Kundalini system, rise of the same energy. the title of king at that time, about 150,000 years ago, more or less since he is a god of the younger generation, Ea-Enki in this case is about 450,000 years old, only he was crowned king who reached the illumination , so the seventh chakra is called CROWN CHAKRA. You said that you are working on part 2 of this interview, you could ask him to clarify this point that was at the least strange for those who research and study this fascinating subject, about gods who were demonized. Thanks.

    • RenaV says:

      King Paimon has no connection with the Ea- Enki. I have already asked Him and He had told me which God he was in Mesopotamia era. Idk where you find that info…

      • luciana branca silveira lopes says:

        RenaV, good evening.

        In answer to your question about where I found information on a possible relationship between King Paimon and the God and Father who created the human race Ea-Enki- Shiva-Satya, being from this name in Sanskrit that derived the name Satan, we have the following data from the tablets which gave rise to the lost book of Enki – memories of an extraterrestrial god, whose translation was made by the greatest expert of the pentagono American in dead languages, Zecharias Sitchin.
        SemperVeritas has an extensive research where the focus is scientific and not based on metaphysical or religious arguments, seeing that religion has mainly caused the greatest socio – spiritual disaster of the universe: the enslavement of the human race, as you should know.
        Magic is nothing more and nothing less than science, where we can have exact answers such as and mathematics, what happens is that the same science is now shrouded in vain, foolish and unnecessary superstitions, of course we owe it to the utopian Christian Jewish fantasy.
        Ea-Enki in his passage through the Earth about 450,000 years ago, created the human race by genetic manipulation. About 200 gods came with him to this expedition, from where the legend of the fall of the angels originated, Lucifer rebelled and with him fell about 200 angels etc, etc … Continue.

        • luciana branca silveira lopes says:

          RenaV: Continuing:

          And what does the above have to do with King Paimon?
          Come on: As you know, King Paimon is told about him that he is the son of Lucifer. Right. Archaeological sources prove this. Sorry for the big text but not enough to avoid it, but it does not make sense. But who is Lucifer really and truly?
          Ea-Enki, is quoted in various mythologies with different names as with other gods, and with King Paimon as well. Only a regional language issue. Among these names of Ea-Enki we have:
          – Prometheus; Ptah, Shiva, Odin, Poseidon
          “Dionysius, Olokun, among more than two hundred known names.
          Lucifer is a Latin name, bearer of the Light translated literally, and second research of the origin of the term is a title and not exactly name itself, can be understood as an attribute of a deity so the difficulty that many have in deciphering who really the famous god Lucifer can be. Anu / Jehovah and his gang made a point of shuffling, mixing information so we forgot our gods. King Paimon is not a demon like the damned Jews make believe. King Paimon is an ancient, righteous and valiant god who was demonized, after all that which is not jesus (a mask of Anu / Jeova), is a demon. So we have the fact that after Lucifer and his angels had had sexual relations with human women , would have been imprisoned or condemned, and Lucifer according to Christian Jewish mythology as punishment was “hanged” headlong into the constellation of òrion. (Letter 12 of the tarot, the hangman), of course this was not quite so, are easily explained metaphors:
          “When the earth was invaded by the hordes of Anu / Jeova, Enki and his gods who were by his side saw themselves in smaller numbers and besieged.” Proof of this? Mohenjo Dharo has bodies that are calcified and glazed and died exactly in the position they were in in the wake of the nuclear explosion that took place there, thousands of years ago, there was a nuclear war on Earth, the American Pentagon confirms this, Mount Sinai has radioactive effects to this day in the soil, and in the end Enki and his gods were exiled by choice (in one of King Paimon’s answers he states that they were not arrested but decided to leave.) It would be better for the humans that remained, it was for the survival of our race that they left, where Anu / Jeovah took possession of this planet Continue and conclude.

          • luciana branca silveira lopes says:

            REnaV: Conclusion.

            Paimon: historical, archaeological and anthropological references and numismatics.

            Egyptian mythology: Ámon (also Amun or Amun; in Greek classic: Ἄμμων; translation: Ámmon or Ἅμμων, Hámmon; in Egyptian: Yamānu) was a god of the Egyptian mythology. Its name means “The occult,” since it was originally the embodiment of the winds. During the Old and Middle Kingdom Amon existed as an extremely local and unimportant deity (wikipedia). He was called Father Amun by his worshipers. Gives the Jews by their language was said as Paimon or Father Ammon was later associated to god Ra, but it was a political question, Ra has nothing to do with Father Amon.

            Greek mythology: Palaemon, or Melicertes son of the goddess Leucothea. There is a reference that Palemon may be the name of a demon known to the fighter.

            Phoenicians: god Melkhart.

            Syria and Arabia:
            The Amorites were a Semitic people, who seem to have arisen from western Mesopotamia (now Syria) sometime before the 3rd Millennium AC. In Sumer they were known as the Martu or Tidnum (in their period III), in Akkadian by the name of Amurrue in Egypt, as Amar, all that means ‘Westerners’ or ‘those of the West’, as the Hebrew name amorr. They worshiped their own pantheon of gods with a chief deity called Amurru (also known as Belu Sadi – ‘Lord of the Mountains’.) According to the book of the Jubilees (xxix. [9] 11), “the ancient giants, , gave place to Amorites, a wicked and sinful people, whose wickedness surpasses that of any other, and whose life will be cut short in the earth. “The Amorites have inhabited Palestine and are identified as” Amurru “in yellow records. like the Moors of Morocco and Mauritania and also of Portugal, Spain, Sicily, Italy, Brazil and also North America

            Malik nm Arab god “king”; certified name in the Middle East and not. in the ancient Arab Pantheon; Saad Saar Saadou Saarou nm Arabia, Syria (Palmyra) god camel often invoked at the same time as Maan; known in Arabia, as well as in Palmyra; In this case it would be a god who walks on a camel, and not a camel god.

            SOURCES: https://www.loveenki.com/enki/
            table of contents: gods and goddesses goecia.


            Great encyclopedia of divine names.



            They were the astronaut gods.


            Files area 51. private collection of researcher who does not want to be identified.




            At last there are some sources of data, based on archaeological, historical, scientific facts.
            I hope you have responded to contentment.
            Congratulations on your work, and thank you again for the generous understanding and attention given. Big hug.

          • RenaV says:

            great sources for info, but i prefer to take the info straight from the Demonic. Books through all those decades they have been modified. In any case you can ask Paimon and he is very willing to explain you which God he was in Mesopotamia!

          • RenaV says:

            I didnt wrote an article about Lucifer. Its on my to-do list!

        • RenaV says:

          btw Lucifer and other Orders of Demons didnt rebelled against anyone. They left with their own will! so we dont speak about fallen. This is a Christianity version!

          • luciana branca silveira lopes says:

            Good night.
            I like the way you put things. Very realistic. I agree with you that the matter of the fallen is in fact a church mask to manipulate the conscience of the unwary. They never fell, they came because they wanted to, and in the same way they went. They did what they had to do and that’s it. That simple. As for King Paimon, I was able to make contact with him after a few days of that email I sent you remember? Now I understand what he wants. The surprise was that he already knew it, but did not know it was him. Because when over the years, I would ask his name, just say that when I was prepared to know I would find out on my own. Fato.After in case you are interested I will send another email updating this story. Big hug.

  10. luciana branca silveira lopes says:

    RenaV, another question:

    Obviously, your blog is focused on demonolatry and not on mythological foundations that originated all versions of LHP, but there is a doubt here that I believe to be pertinent:
    When you speak in invocations of King Paimon, in perspective or so to say, which egregora proves this invocation: in your case originates from the practices of goecia? Sorry for the unflattering intrusion, but it’s so I can understand the environment in which these messages are processed. By the way I sent a question a few days ago and I did not see an answer, I do not know if you received it or not, but if not I can resend it. Again, I kindly apologize, do not misunderstand me, I just want to better understand the points of view presented here. Thanks.

    • RenaV says:

      As a Demonolatress my communication is based on channeling. Im not using Solomonic methods. each practitioner has his own ways to communicate with the Demonic. It cant be proofs of the invocations, the only proof is to call the King and ask Him on your own so to confirm His answers. Which btw many other practitioners confirmed what He said cause from their discussions with Him they have the same feedback. Also, on my blog, there are a lot of articles which are based on mythological facts.

  11. Starry Nite says:

    Well, there goes that idea of me invoking the great King Paimon and asking for help with my business.The Q asked “Why do you choose to work with some people and not others” and King Paimon Answer: “I will work with those who force me, but for me, a few years of waiting is hardly important! Time works very differently for me than you. So, I wait for those who constrain me to do their bidding, but when we meet, it’s not going be very pleasant for them”
    As I said, i would’ve asked King Paimon for help but not if he’s not going to make it pleasant for me!! Although my intentions would be pure and loyal. I’m just not sure what to do now, i don’t need any more problems in my life at this stage.
    Thank you for the information, i’m glad i came across this, maybe the Great King sent me here. 🙂

    • RenaV says:

      He was referring to those who are using Solomonic ways to force the Demons. If you contact him with your offerings, with respect and try to create a bond with Him you will not have any problem at all!

  12. Starry Nite says:

    ……. Sorry, I meant to say “UNPLEASANT” for me…….

  13. Nobody says:

    Plan on ever doing another Q and A? I feel drawn to King Paimon. I think that he helped me in an extreme way during a crisis.

  14. Rose says:

    Dear RenaV,
    Thank you for all the information on King Paimon. It helped me a lot to find out about him. I have made a small space that was available to him and it happens to be in the direction of NW which I found out where his house is…amazing. I am thinking of creating a proper altar for him and he gave me some idea including this lamp to create his world and guess what this guy says!! For nobility and royalty. The metal is brass, like gold, which also corresponds with Sun. https://youtu.be/zM4Kk1TPz1A?t=94

    I’ve been smelling roses and frankincense. When I smell something I know spirits are near me and understand that it wants it so I burn those. According to Gordon Winterfield’s Demon of Magick, “There is a smell of roses and a taste like rose water.” So frankincense being one of his correspondent resins, so is rose…how amazing is that?

    There was always lots of light/fire around him to illuminate back in the days. He was surrounded by beautiful women but of course he was more interested in intelligent women who could be on the same wavelength on the philosophical topics. He loves sensuality (feminine aspect) and to me seductive and charming. Although he is surrounded by beautiful things and he loves them, he is not at all big headed about his wealth and he teaches me to be humble. I have come across ‘scary’ looking demons in the past but he hasn’t got an inch of demon about him so I doubt he is a demon. To be honest, there are more demons on earth who appears human lol. I did no evocation, he came to me and had to find out who he was. He appears in holographic way and very beautiful, mesmerising. He is laid back and who needs a man when you have an intelligent, powerful gentleman like him beside you. wow

    Recently I have developed an addiction to figs all of a sudden and I didn’t know until I did a research. Figs correspond to the planet Jupiter, sign of wealth and fertility but it is another sensual fruits like red grapes. I guess it was plentiful in his time and he likes it. Figs were supposedly first cultivated about 11,400 years ago. https://www.nytimes.com/2006/06/01/science/01cnd-fig.html So we are talking about a time after the last flooding which is around 15,000-16,000 years ago. We need to find out which King he was IF that’s what he wishes, I think he wants fact corrected (not a demon) and imo he did have a body unlike other spirits who were never born.

    There is so much more I can tell about him but I guess I’ll have to write it out in an organised way one day.

  15. Rose says:

    I was contemplating on why King Paimon has become more mainstream/visible of late.
    We have entered an age of Aquarius and the energy will be of that freedom. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn (establishment, tradition) is breaking down the tried ‘n’ tested business model such as banks which are scaling down while we now have digital/crypto currency; the Royalty is in question while Megan & Harry gained freedom and establishing their own brand; traditional businesses are going bust whereas youtubers, instagram influencers are rising to their millions and gaining freedom. Yes, influence is the keyword. From now on, you make money IF you can influence…. see where I am going with this? It is King Paimon’s time because he teaches you on influence. I don’t know if current Lucifer loving celebs are going to switch to King Paimon lol but I have a feeling that many new commers will visit your website and start requesting favours from King Paimon. Whether he’ll work with everyone, IDK because I find that he gives knowledge but you have to do the work…unlike other spirits who might do it for you.

    In the meanwhile, I am getting all these herbs in my mind and checking for its corresondence and all are Sun related. Amazing. These are….Bay, Cloves, Cinnamon, Saffron. May be it’s a sign? suggestion? from the spirits that I should make some offering incense.

  16. Anna Zardalidi says:

    Very nice ❤️

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Wow! Thank so much for this read. Much of what I’ve just read applies to my personal thoughts on the Human species. When I’ve express those thoughts to others I was met with “You need Jesus” “you need love in your heart” which I don’t believe in either one. So reading this piece gives me the confidence that I am on the right path to achieve my goals in acquiring the knowledge I seek. On to part 2.

  18. max spes says:

    I got wrong education about demons. I was afraid and ignorant of them. but your articles especially this interview with king paimon has ended my old path. thank you so much. PURE INTENTIONS. this is such a powerful phrase!

    hail king paimon!

  19. Cringe says:

    XDDDDD cringe

  20. Elijah says:

    I always love king paimon ever since i learned about him even though, i’ve tried summoning him twice of which i was all alone standing i still love him and i’ll be very delightful if i had open contact with lord paimon. Too much love for you king paimon, i know maybe i didn’t understand your ways.

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