Why Are So Many Occultists “Poor”?

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7 Responses

  1. Jetboy says:

    This perspective fails to account for the structural inequalities that exist in Capitalist economics. Further it outs the onus on the practitioner instead of analyzing the unfair economic structures of society. This is not limited to only occultists and the more expansive question is what about society ensures that so many remain poor or only middle class instead of doing away altogether with a system that reproduces inequality and figuring out the best way to share the wealth that we all generate through our labor more equitably in a human commons. It is has little to do with our morality around money and a decided lack of analysis of the social determinants of wealth and a structural mal-distribution of resources. This essay glosses over five centuries of colonialism, history and the problematic assumptions of capitalism. The reason many occultists or individuals for that matter are “poor” is because 20% of the human population controls almost the entire wealth produced annually in the world by our labor.

    • RenaV says:

      I will agree with your perspective. but the main concept of the article is that for the moment we can use magick (invocations, money spells etc), why the 90% of the occultists are poor. Of course, the term “poor” its a little bit tricky. Personal, I think someone poor when its spiritual poor. The only thing that money can give you its freedom. Very important, but still they cant make you see the big picture if you don’t want to!

  2. AndyA says:

    Well I had wealth and I spent it, it didn’t buy me freedom just responsibilities and different chains. It is an end in itself and buys little of any real worth. knowledge and memories are all you will leave this world owning; Bill Gates included. So I guess poor is subjective, if you wish it to mean having less cash than you want…then you have failed. If you have what you want you aren’t poor. Bills are created by having spent too much money, get rid of the things that give you bills. If you need material wealth to be happy you aren’t an occultist (though a bad use of the word)

    • KyraLynn says:

      Bills come from having to live. Food costs money. Homes cost money. Utilities cost money. Transportation costs money. Clothes cost money. Everything costs money.
      Shall we all go live naked in the woods, eating only what we can hand collect each day?
      I should think not. People NEED money to LIVE. Needing to pay your utilities and buy food does NOT make you a bad occultist. Wanting to be comfortable and secure doesnt negate your claim as an occultist. The less time you spend focused on trying to survive, the more you can really live, and the more time you have to spend on occult pursuits. How do you focus on higher realms when you are starving and freezing, dying a painful death in this one?

  3. Thorne says:

    Sound reasoning! When I started selling Tarot readings online, I got called a sell out – but hey, if you are good at something why do it for free?

    I also agree that there is more to life than money but that shouldn’t stop you from pursuing your goals, in the end.

  4. Frustrated Bob says:

    I had a life once. Corporate environment, IT sector, well earned life. High magic on top of that. I would still continue, if a bunch of a “poor magickers” that got overly envious of the situation wouldn’t ruin me. Apparently envy in this business is heavily charged. So – I don’t know why are you poor? Systems inequality are one thing, lack of industriousness is another. You’re not living in a developing aka third world country, right? Do magic! But get a life!! I have none anymore thanks to lazy bastards that didn’t know why.

    • RenaV says:

      Totally agree with you! I’m not living in a third-world country and yes, magick can give you all of what you want but not sitting on the couch waiting a bag of money falls from the sky cause u cast a spell, or u make an agreement with a Demon. Besides that, Demons hate laziness…

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