Why You Cannot Communicate With Spirits by Using an Ouija Board

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2 Responses

  1. Anna says:

    I have been using a spiritboard for divination for years with great success including contacting many types of spirits. I use a pendulum instead of a planchette.
    Only in my first days/weeks I had „wandering spirits“ or rather confused souls of humans that had just died passing by and they really annoyed me and messed with my „readings“

    But of course it is different for everyone. I would never really want to show or teach someone this method unless its a skilled practitioner or a medium .. portals might be opened and one would need to know how to handle this and/or them.

    I was led to this method by the spirits themselves when „simple“ tarot card reading was not enough for me (I love tarot till this day but still its a different experience to channel/dowse straight answers to question)
    If I would have not been able to get accurate answers for my clients throughout the past years through this method – I myself would have thought as well that this is NOT possible.

    But I rather have people beeing cautious or even scared of using ouija boards than having to help them get rid of whatever they called into our plane just for fun.


  2. Andrew says:

    I made my own Ouija Board 2 years ago. I wittnesed paranormal activity once when I was young and been curious since. I believe Christians are scared of the Ouija board more than anyone. Given I was raised in church till 16 I should know. They teach its evil and such. I made mine when I was severely depressed and alone in life and that the Christian god had turned his back on me. What was to loose? Id rather have paranormal activity in my house like the movies than being alone. To this day I still have it. The Ouija Board has never worked but after seeing the Zo Zo videos and such i ended up researching ‘demons’. I eventually discovered the Left Hand Path. Still no paranormal activity but my life has made a complete turn around.

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