Aleister Crowley, Perhaps The Most Unique Person Ever

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4 Responses

  1. Patrick FA says:

    Thank you for this little biography of Master Crowley.

  2. Nope says:

    Absurdity of terminology/nomenclature pretorts: ‘Unique’ can have adjectivial qualifications yet ‘Most Unique’ fails.

  3. Michael Groomer says:

    So he is the one who added the “k” to magic. I’ve wondered how and when that started. Thanks Rena for another great article. I’m really learning a lot from you.

  4. Paul says:

    I think it should be added that Crowley was not a theistic Occult practitioner. He believed the Occult was purely psychological, and not supernatural, in nature. When he was “possessed” to complete the Book of the Law, he believed it was a psychological event, not a spiritual one. He also personally disliked this particular book.

    I read a few of Crowley’s books a few years ago and I wanted to share a few quotes of his that seem unique:

    “No religion has failed hitherto by not promising enough; the present breaking up of all religions is due to the fact that people have asked to see the securities.”

    “If we were quite certain, for example, that everybody went to heaven when he died, there could be no serious object to murder or suicide, as it is generally those who know neither that earth is not such a pleasant place as heaven.”

    “Slay that innocent child?. (I hear the ignorant say) .What a horror!. .Ah!. replies the Knower, with foresight of history, .but that child will become Nero. Hasten to strangle him!. There is a third, above these, who understands that Nero was as necessary as Julius Cæsar.”

    “When people begin to argue about things instead of doing them, they become absolutely impossible. Their minds begin to work it about and about, and they come out by the same door as in they went. They remain brutish, voluble, and uncomprehending.”

    “Every man has a right to fulfil his own will without being afraid that it may interfere with that of others; for if he is in his proper place, it is the fault of others if they interfere with him.”

    “No superstition is so dangerous and so lively as an exploded. The newspapers of today (written and edited almost exclusively by men without a spark of religion or morality) dare not hint that any one disbelieves in the ostensibly prevailing cult.”

    “If he invoke Severity, let him recount that Severity is the instrument of Mercy. if Stability, let him show the basis of that Stability is constant change, just as the stability of a molecule is secured by the momentum of the swift atoms contained in it.”

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