“Am I going crazy?” Entity contact and mental illness

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  1. Friend says:

    Its a shame that basically every mental health illness is labeled as such; An illness has negative conotations. Thus, all notion of ‘other than socially acceptable’ experiences and insights are stigmatized. I wonder what the effects would be, if and when ‘enough’ people believe that spirits/etc are all around them.
    Is Walking a fine line between delusion and high perception worth it? Yes, for me.

    My questions: Do you believe that the spiritual world is above us, as in a hierarchy? If so, could it be plausible that we could be to others from a foreign plane, what deities are to us here? As in, if we practice and commit to make ourselves present and aware of in a different, lower, plane perhaps we could reach a less knowledgeable species, like Neanderthals and be as demons to them.
    And here is the kicker; Ponder on this for a few days. See if you can imagine it; really visualize it. If time (motion) isn’t linear and time is only the perception of entropy, how could we not be our own gods? Some powerful sorcerer in Nevada, right now, could be in contact with a priest in what is now Iraq, 5000 years ago exchanging knowledge.

    Lastly, its not a conspiracy, you could look this up in their public archives, that the CIA for a few decades funded and standardized the “science” of remote viewing. That alone deserves its own article, but the summary is that a few dudes perfected the methods of viewing a remote area, regardless of distance, barrieres, and time. They eventually used a mehtod of utilizing coordinates to make sure the operator’s imagination did not interfere. They claim there is a matrix/grid around every planet and they could peer into any room at any time using this grid. There is a report from the initial years of this operation, stating that during one of the missions, looking into the USSR’s counter intelligence operations, they came across a few russians pearing at them. They were looking at each other from across the globe. Isnt that something.

  2. Angel says:

    I know Spirits r all around us I can feel n sometimes see them.

  3. Daniel says:

    Demons will lead you to your desires, but don’t necessarily have a “moral compass” lol, although you’d surprised. They will often lead you to your desires, but at the same time, lead you to the consequences that come with it. If you work on more noble goals, you will have good results. If you ask the demons to help you with your depression, they will lead you find treatment, built your life back up and move forward. You just have to think outside the Christian mindset that what is dark is bad. It is true that they may lead you to become cruel at times, but they will also lead you to the consequences of unjust behavior. Instead of blaming demon for acting out in some way, blame yourself for your actions and don’t do it again. Ask them to show you better things and they will guide you to immense treasures.

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