Are We Spreading the Wrong Message? – By Fyre Lilli

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2 Responses

  1. Scott Lubag says:

    Nothing brings people together better than an individual and /or institution who identifies a common enemy in our midst. Those perceived as “different” in appearance, belief, ideology, language, social/cultural norms will always be convenient scapegoats for peoples’ prejudices, biases, fear, scorn, hatred, and disdain. Middle age has provided me with enough wisdom to adhere to my own thoughts and beliefs that are meaningful to me. I do not publicize them nor attempt to proselytize them to anyone as it is only a fruitless crusade. My ethos is to live and let live, but if I am castigated by others who persist in their moral crusades, then Lex Talionis applies. In enough degree to back them off and level me in peace. Knowledge, education, respect for others, and some self-defense skills are usually enough to allow me to exist quietly and un-noticed.

    I enjoyed your narrative and I agree that anything outside the same old dogmatic predictable theological/religious norms will be the convenient target of others scorn. Better to exist as an unassuming insurgent to dogmatic institutions.

    “Never let ’em see you coming”….

  2. Evert Knol says:

    Dear Renav,
    I had the pleasure to receive one of your great messages, titled: “Are we spreading the wrong message”
    In my opinion there are no wrong messages here, there probably are people with wrong intentions regarding witches, angels, demons and this great site of The King Paimon.
    To Know, To Will, and Dare To Be Silent.


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