Don’t Give Up On Magic

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2 Responses

  1. Andrew says:

    Im 1.5 years new in doing black magic. One piece of advice id offer to a beginner is try to find a deity to work with. Personally I find Lucifer a very patient. You don’t have to have a deity but it helps. But if you are simply afraid of deity often called demons by main stream religions then you need to do some serious research. That said; when casting a spell even if you do every thing right, down to believing and will.. Just ember casting a spell is kinda like mailing a letter. Once you stamp your mail you put it in your mail box and lift the flag, your done. You expect it to get there and forget about it right? Same with a spell. When your done forget about it. Dwelling about it is same as not putting the stamp on your letter.

    • RenaV says:

      Oh, Lucifer is a gentleman! I have worked in the past with him and I’m planning to work with him again in the future!! An excellent Demon to work! Very polite, very kind, he is simply amazing!!!!

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