Gold Banishing technique ~ King Paimon

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  1. NicoleD says:

    Hi Renav! I performed this banishing technique last night.

    I overheard an unpleasant conversation about me. My emotions were in turmoil with negative thoughts to the point of breaking down into tears and couldn’t continue with any work. I came across this technique while I was searching for meditation tips in your blog. I decided to give this a try.

    Before I started the breathing, I said an inner dialogue “King Paimon, I am going to break down soon with this negative thought that keeps bothering me. I am going to perform this gold banishing technique and I really want to feel better”

    When I started doing the breathing counts first, I felt the mild throbbing in my third eye chakra and I took it as a sign that I am being heard. Slowly, I started thinking about the negative thought which led to feeling a “blocked” sensation on my throat.

    I took that as the center point, as mentioned in this blog post, and proceed with visualising a little gold spec at my throat which was slowly expanding to my chest and my entire body. My visualising skills are not top-notch, but good enough to imagine a golden glow around my body.

    The unbelievable thing is that when this ‘golden glow’ was expanding, I actually started feeling less emotional. I do not know how to phrase it exactly but it felt like I was being blocked from thinking the negative thought and my emotions were slowly transforming into a neutral feeling. By the time I visualised the golden aura around my body, I definitely felt a positive change in my emotions. And once I ended the banishing, I said thanks King Paimon, and got back to my work. I just became unbothered by the earlier conversation about me which was weird because it drove me nuts before the banishing.

    Throughout this banishing process, I felt a constant mild pressure on my third eye. It started when I called out to King Paimon and ended after I said thanks. I have read that such sensation is a sign of an acknowledgment of being heard by the entity you are reaching out so I believe I was being heard.

    And lastly, THANK YOU SO MUCH for sharing this technique! This took only about 2 mins but it was worth preventing me from breaking into tears and drowning into the self-pity moment. Also, if anyone wants to give this a try, please go ahead!

  2. Andrew B. says:

    I needed this

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