Mephistopheles Continued

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  1. Dgette says:

    Can he be of help when it comes in financial needs?

  2. Dgette says:

    But have you tried that already?

  3. Rum Tum Tugger says:

    That looks like Ming the Merciless from Flash Gordon.

  4. Naomi says:

    Ok so yesterday I did a pendulum reading and at first it said Hekate was trying to get ahold of me. But then later when I woke up I heard my name being called and knew that there was no way in hell it was Hekate. So I went bak to my pendulum and said that I know this is not Hekate, can I have ur name. To which it replied yes and spelled out Mephistopheles. I then asked how many years was he trying to contact me n at first I thought it said 4 then I asked if it said four n it said no so then I asked if it meant 3 n then it said yes. I had asked it that if it was scared that I wouldn’t work with it if I knew it wasn’t Hecate. N it said yes. Of course I’m open to new things but after I said that I asked if we can put down some guidelines while I work with it. It said yes. So I stated that me or my family would not b hurt while I worked with it n it agreed so hopefully it is him n not another entity trying to pose as him. Again I never asked if it was Mephistopheles it just spelled it out. So wish me luck. If u can email me on what u think is going on. It would b appreciated.

  5. Ryan says:

    I find Mephistopheles fascinating. I doubt he would like me (though that may just be my low self-esteem talking) but I hope he doesn’t mind some distant reverence and human curiosity.

  6. Vicky says:

    Hello there!! I’ve read your posts on Mephistopheles and they are quite interesting, but a bit different from the ones I had read before.. so I’d like to ask something… why are there so many different perspectives on the same energy/entity..?? I mean, what is your opinion..?? And how can a beginner know which is the correct one.. or the correct way to contact an entity..??
    Thanks for your time, and…. sorry for my english I’m not a native speaker

    • RenaV says:

      Each one has different experiences cause we are different persons. Entities can appear as they decide to appear. its up to them. The only sure way to know is to contact them on your own and have your own opinion.

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