My self – dedication ritual to King Paimon

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  1. unknown says:

    Let the Gate Open FOr King Paimon
    Hail King Paimon

  2. Will Azerate says:

    That is a truly beautiful testimony to King Paimon. I’ve experienced crying like that but with another entity. I am looking forward to learning from the King.

    • RenaV says:

      You should definitely work with Him Will. My dedication ritual was the most intense ritual that i have perform all those years that im in this path.

  3. Andrea Olmos says:

    Nothing against you personally, but I think you’re nuts. You DO realize exactly who you’re dealing with here? A demon which is your enemy & mine. You don’t have the heartfelt & fuzzy relationship you think you do because in a heartbeat your “Paimon” would throw you & other’s foolish enough to have him as their “patron” into the eternal flames of hell.

    Whatever he may do you for you or others is NOT out of the generosity of his heart, he’s an adversary to man/woman & like Satan his end is your eternal damnation & torment. Why you’re fooling around with serious things that you shouldn’t be messing with is beyond my understanding.

    Why you want a close & loving relationship with someone who resides in hell I really don’t understand. Do you what you want but understand the risks & consequences of what you’re doing. Peace!

    • RenaV says:

      Enlight us with who exactly we are dealing for! How many years are you in Demonolatry path? Descipe us how Hell is and all this bs that your religion feet you all this year. Your right to believe in your imaginary friend, my right to believe in mine. The only difference is that mine hears my prayers and requests, but as i see worldwide your God is too busy to hear your prayers. This is a Demonolatry site. If you dont agree with the context of this site simply dont visit it as we dont visit Christian sites and read their bs. Btw i have an excellent article about the Bible and the lies that feed you centuries now. You should read it. It will not open your eyes, cause as i can understand you are totally fanatic and this makes you blind, but give it a shot. You never know… Have a nice day. May the Light guide your path.

      • Juan says:

        Hi, what article is that?

        Hail King Paimon… The Gate Is Open For His Faithful Raza of Aztlán.

        • RenaV says:

          Its an article about my self-dedication to King Paimon when i choose him to become my Patron. The article is more clear.

    • Gloria Summerlin says:

      I’m guessing you’re Christian. If you do a little research you’ll find out Paimon and others like Him predate biblical texts/teaching. Which means He’s older than your god. The church just made them out to be the enemy, like all other deities, for their own growth and financial gain.

  4. Fransuel says:

    Olá RenaV tudo bem? Gostaria de falar com você. Quero tirar certas dúvidas com relação a evocação do Rei Paimon.

  5. Karen says:

    Wow Rena I loved this!!!!

  6. Nastynice says:

    Hail I needed this for my growth and mentorship.
    Hail King Paimon

  7. luciana branca silveira lopes says:

    Good evening, RenaV.

    They say that those who are looking for a lot find it. Absolute truth, believe me. I will try to be brief with you but pay attention, this one of congratulations for your articles, very instructive and clear, so thank you. I am Brazilian, native of São Paulo, of origin as all of us catholic. From child I always had visions with someone who identified like a messenger, but I never found out who it was. Good to summarize in 2012 I did a ritual of compromise with Ea-Enki – Satan as it is most commonly known. Ephim after years of study and research, driven by the desire to find out who this messenger was, I came to Enki. We have to do a ritual to get a guardian is part of the process. So as you mention in your article above, I went through contacts with demons or ancient gods as I like to call them, because they are indeed. I always had an intuition that love if I had been in another world, or I was dead I do not know. How did I unmask who this messenger was? With Enki we must seek knowledge and we have several tools for this: astrology and natal maps are the beginning. In my ascendant I discovered Paimon. I started researching about it. I made a request to Enki to confirm and the next day I hear loud and clear: We have been together for many ages. I’m going to make a commitment to him, I feel the need for it, although I still do not know what exactly he expects me to write, but I know he’ll show it in time. Thank you Rena, you helped me with this text of yours.

    • RenaV says:

      You are very welcome. In your case, i would meditate using Paimon’s sigil to see what i will receive. This way you can make the first contact. Please, keep me update if you want how it goes!

  8. luciana branca silveira lopes says:

    RenaV, good evening.
    Thank you for returning so quickly. Well I told my story briefly. But if you really want to know her in more detail, would you have some email to tell her in private? There are some things that I do not make public because they are very personal … sorry to bother you about it.
    P.S .: It was he who gave me a warning that you had answered, was not going to open email today, so we have something here do not you agree?

  9. 6 says:

    So clearly you know a lot about King Paimon, which is good because I have a lot of questions I need answered about him.

    1: My parents are Christian. I go to church because they make me and that makes everyone believe I am Christian. I’m done with God in my mind but no one knows. I’ve also never attempted magic before. Under these circumstances, do you think he would come to me?

    2: There’s no way I’ll be able to get my hands on incense or candles, so what are the bare necessities for summoning him?

    3: What will you need to chant to summon him? I found a million different things on the internet.


    • RenaV says:

      1. Demons don’t care if you are Christian or your parents are. If you haven’t any previous experience with magic i will recommend you to read some things before you try your first invocation. Mostly meditation.
      2. His incense is frankincense so your parents will not notice anything weird. As for the candle you can use a simple tea light.
      3. His Enn. But again, start daily meditation. How you will be able to communicate with Him if you cant listen to Him?

  10. Kade white says:

    When you’re a dedicatee satanist but blocked from most posts under suspicions of being a bot… Feels bad

    • RenaV says:

      I havent bot anyone dear. i also tried to reply to your email but i couldnt….

      • Kade white says:

        Thats strange, I may have to create a new email. Ive noticed some strange things going on with it. Thanks a ton for hunting down my post and responding here. I will inquire my new email as I am in fact pursuing this path for king paimon and for lucifer.

        Thank you for your work, I have learned a lot of king paimon from you as I am not yet able to hear him.

        • RenaV says:

          Yes, maybe your email has a problem cause i couldnt respond on your email either! Thank you very much for your kind words!

  11. Jenny says:


  12. Saransh says:

    I’m not Christian, will King Paimon guide me towards his path.?
    Please reply

  13. Jordan Lamrock says:

    Do you have any other rituals for King Paimon?

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