What to do Before You Start Practicing Magick

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  1. Quincy says:

    This is a baddazz blog!

  2. sachin says:

    Hi there
    I am facing some problems my girlfriend has left me for something that i said and she misunderstood, she told me that she needs space and then come and marry her after 2 years because what i said , but this are all just excuses because im now blocked on calls and she said she doesnt wants to see me for 2 years, but i know that whenever she sees me she is happy, starts smiling and falls in love but i dont know why when she goes home again she starts the same thing of not wanting to talk to me and all. i haven’t spoken with her for almost 2 weeks now. what should i do. i want to use these Pomba Gira spell but since i have never done any such thing, plus i read the caution as well. please help me get her back, please, please.
    if doing this spell will get her back then I will do it?

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